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pom pom crown.

Happy New Year! To celebrate I made a pom pom crown in Pantone’s color of the year: living coral. Ooh la la!

You can make one, too!


Materials & Tools:

For the base, I used use two pieces of 18 gauge cloth-covered floral wire, shaped and twisted to fit where I wanted my crown to sit on my head.

I used a Loome tool to create my pom poms. You can use other tools or even a piece of cardboard, too. I wrapped each pom pom for at least 160 revolutions; the largest pom poms were about 300 revolutions. Tie each with a 24-inch strand of embroidery floss. I tie a thumb knot (a “single knot”), flip the pom over and tie a modified thumb knot – this time looping the thread over twice before tightening, then tie a double knot to secure. You’ll know if your pom pom is tied tightly if the middle feels firm.


Haircut time! The Loome pom pom trim guide is helpful to make the first cuts. I trimmed until I liked the shape of each pom pom, and varied the fullness of each to add variety to my crown.

All the poms in all the sizes and degrees of fluffiness!


I used an ombre yarn, so together the pom poms created a nice monochromatic look. One skein (10oz / 482 yards worth) of yarn creates 10ish pom poms, depending on the size of pom poms made. This is also a great project if you have a lot of yarn scraps.

To attach each pom pom to the crown base, string a 12-inch strand of embroidery floss through the tight middle cord using a craft needle, and double knot tightly onto the crown base. I secured the larger pom poms with two pieces of floss. If you attach the poms really close to each other they will naturally support one another, and also give your crown a fuller look.

PS It can also be a statement necklace.

Wishing you a colorful and crafty 2019!

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