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neighborhood christmas.

This Christmas season Hubby and I discovered a couple of neighborhood Christmas time traditions.


In El Cerrito (where we currently reside), the Shadi Holiday Display depicts a Bethlehem scene complete with the Angel of the Lord, the three wise men, and sheep. Mr. Shadi started the display in 1949 as a gift for his neighbors and over the years made more and more of the display items with upcycled materials. Talk about mega crafting!

Now, the tradition continues via volunteers who put the display together each year for the neighborhood. It was really sweet to overhear older residents saying they used to come visit as children and are now bringing their own grandchildren to see the display.

And in Chula Vista (where Hubby grew up), Christmas Circle has been a yearly tradition since 1957. Most of the residents on the circle decorate their front yards with a Christmas display and spectators can walk or drive through. It’s a short loop to walk; plus, going by foot means you get to admire all of the displays up close.

The displays ranged in complexity and brightness. I was impressed with the displays that continued into the cars or house windows.

But my most favorite were these Christmas tree air fresheners.


What are some of your neighborhood Christmas traditions? I’m making a list of places to visit for next Christmas season!

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