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pom pom and tasselry.

For my last crafty event of the year I teamed up with my crafty friends of the Loome and Mischief to host a pom pom and tassel craft night compete with holiday cocktails.

There was yarn everywhere and it was fantastic!

Vilasinee of the Loome shared all her pom pom and tassel wisdom. All the pom poms and tassels!

We also had mini pop-ups and a gift wrap decorating station. Aww, take me back to craft night!

It was so fun I continued the pom pom and tassel merriment with my fambam over my Christmas break. Behold, pom pom and tassel mastery at Christmas Craft Camp!

My Mommy got super fancy with braided straps. We also added beads, brass, and wooden rings.

Who’s ready for more pom-tass in the New Year? Me!!!

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