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get some color.

I’m on a project at work that sends me quarterly to the Coachella Valley. I stay at different hotels depending on where my meeting will be and this time I was able to book a night at the famous Saguaro ~ where Instagram dreams come true. 🤗

I wasn’t really sure what to expect on my visit, but I knew I wanted to see the colorful doors for myself. It was definitely off season during my stay, which is much more to my liking – it was quiet and not crowded. Look, no people in my photo! 🙃

The vibe was like 70s motel (on purpose) and desert mod; my room was orange and yellow with purple carpets. Color everywhere! The old school camera was a nice accent, but I felt like I was being watched. 😝  The black and white photography – nice contrast.

With all this color, you know I brought some Feed the Fish co goodies to photograph! (And yes, also specially made for the occasion.)

The lobby had neon signs, ping pong, and a bike share. Plus, two restaurants.

My reservation came with a food credit so dinner was on the house. My coworker and I dined at one of the in-house restaurants, El Jefe. The food was on point – I would come back just for these nachos and guacamole! So fresh, so good!

Plus, we tried the cotija stuffed dates because the Coachella Valley is home to a date farm so it had to be good. Yesss…

In the AM before our meeting we picked up beverages at the in-house cafe/bar. PS Neon signs are the hardest thing to photograph (brownie points if you can guess what that bright blob says!).

Overall, the Saguaro’s got funky vibes that I definitely would not enjoy if there were a ton of people around. I’m too old for that. Ha! But I’m so glad I got to experience it all up close. Too bad I couldn’t enjoy it for longer. They’ve got a spa and daily yoga – I would’ve been all over that! Eee, and now I want to visit the Arizona location, too (in the off season of course)!


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