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tea for seven.

It’s my Mommy’s birthday today! Yay, Mommy! We celebrated over the weekend with a  tea party.


On the menu…

Tea sandwich 1: Peach and bourbon jam + tiny green apples from the garden. My nephew said it tasted like apple pie.


Tea sandwich 2: Smoked salmon + dill cream cheese + chives. Allowing the dill to sit in the cream cheese for at least an hour adds so much more flavor.


Tea sandwich 3: Cucumber + dill cream cheese. A classic pairing.


I cut each sandwich flavor into a different shape. Also, crusts off always!


We also made open faced smoked salmon + cucumber + dill cream cheese + chives sandwiches because why not. It added some nice color to the plate.


Also on the menu: Steamed hericots vert with salt + pepper.


Bell pepper crudités, a daikon vinegar slaw, and bread delights from 85 Degrees – (clockwise from top) coffee roll with red bean paste and mochi, walnut roll with black sesame seed paste, green tea roll with red beans and cream.


…and of course I made some clotted cream.


Plus salad – Mixed power greens + peppers + blueberries. The blueberries were tart so I ended up making a blueberry balsamic dressing. Delightful!


And what would a tea party be without tea? We decided on a berry sun tea (non caffeine so everyone could enjoy it) and we made it iced because it was hot out.




I love setting up for family meals, especially when I can play in the kitchen and use all the matching dishware.


PS We totally used the China that never gets touched! In my 34 years of life I don’t think we’ve ever once used the China for a meal.


Until we tea again! Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Photography shout out to my niece, Malia! She captured all the wip photos.

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