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For a while Hubby was concerned about putting holes in the wall to hang art since we rent our place. But over the years he’s warmed up to it, especially since we’ve started a collection of art prints and other funs.


My first “art” was a paper geometric heart, hung up with tape. This was pre-being ok with poking the walls with nails. It added a nice bright and colorful focal point in the living room. Also, it was super easy to make (the hardest part was making it look level on the wall). Also pictured: Chubby Cat by The Little Red House and a triangle shelf I made with Wood Thumb.


The first wall holes we made were to hang this duo of Rifle Paper co art prints.


And then we started purchasing prints while on vacation. From our Pacific Northwest adventures: letter pressed cards from Seattle (I love framing cards!) and a bike print from Portland.


And from our mini-moon: a Lake Tahoe love print. Plus, that’s us in cartoon form – a drawing/watercolor by the talented Genevieve Santos.


I’ve also been gifted some prints like this floral piece (above). And I’ve made a couple of pieces to hang in our bedroom and in our dining room…

Above: My first large scale weaving project. I used a giant loom from the Unusual Pear and gathered yarn from all over. Below: my first macrame wall hanging project. I used driftwood that I collected from our adventures at Land’s End. Both of these made fun weekend projects.

Close up details!

How do you like to decorate your walls? With paint, pictures, paper? Share below!

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