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keep moovin.

One of my goals in life is to go on more hikes, so when my friend suggested a last minute one, I was all over it. We ventured to Tilden Park, entering via the Tilden Nature Area (by Little Farm).


My friend made sure we got in some nice views and a good sweat – that means uphills! My personal goal was to walk for at least 5k; we did 10k! (And then I drank a well-deserved Thai iced tea afterwards. ;))

There were lots of wildflowers, and I stopped to take photos of my favorites (of course!).

We saw a dam, a lake…

…and my share of cows for a lifetime. Apparently the cows roam free and feed on the land. There was a herd that was walking on the same trail as us; we  let them pass by while we waited on the sidelines. I was legit scared and ready to run if needed, but they just moseyed right on by.

Excited for my next hike. There is so much to explore. Where are some of your favorite hiking spots? Share below!

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