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august in alameda.

My crafty biz is featured for the entire month of August at Modern Mouse in Alameda. I have a pennant for my feelings: YAAAS.


It’s always fun visiting owners Matt and Mynt at the Mouse and I’m excited for this month-long collaboration. Here’s a before, during, and after of my display. It took me just over an hour to get it all together.

I did my very best to style the area like a store instead of a craft booth, to make the wall of stuff both interesting and easy to look at. My stuff is an explosion of color so I limited some of the items I have on display in attempts to not crowd the space. Here’s a close up tour plus some insider shopping tips for your visit!


Wall hangings are hanging on a cool extendable rack that Modern Mouse let me borrow. Plus, you can view all the phrases and color variations in the baskets on the bottom shelf. There are 14 designs to choose from. Some come with a pom pom or a tassel (at no extra charge). If you see a pom pom or tassel on one wall hanging, but you want it on a different wall hanging, you can swap it out.


There are 11 pennant designs in all the colorways: YOLO, Yaaas, Yay, Sports, Love, Love Wins, Oh Baby, Tacos, Boba, Alameda, and sleepy eyes.


If you don’t see a pennant in a color that you want, ask the shop keeps to see the back stock.


Flower crowns are scattered about the shelves, and there’s a box at the bottom with a few more designs. Sizes vary so try them all on! There’s a mirror nearby to check yourself out. Also, all of the crowns can be adjusted if you twist off the flowers and leaves. I’m not there to do it for you, but if you purchase one and want it adjusted by me, you can visit me with your crown at any of my future in-person pop-ups and I’ll fix it for you!


The garlands come in three shapes: clouds, hearts, and stars. They are scattered throughout the shelves and there are a handful in the bottom basket. We also have a few in the back – ask if you don’t see a color variation that speaks to you. Also, there’s a sample garland hanging on the right side of my display for reference.


Giant pennants are back! All of my items are technically one of a kind, but the giant pennants are super one of a kind because I’ve only made one of each of the phrases. There are nine designs in store including one of my faves: “Pardon my Frenchie.” And yes, the Frenchie was also cut by hand without templates. (Handcut awesomeness, yo!)


And lastly, I have seven (just seven!) baby’s 1st year pennant packs left. I’m retiring this product so if you know a soon-to-be Mama now is your chance to snag one of the last packs. Each colorway is different, but I expect this gold and blue one to go fast!

Come and visit! When you enter the shop, turn right and you’ll see my wall. There’s a step stool in the corner if you need to reach the stuff up top, too. Yay!


Craft lady, out.✌🏽

Modern Mouse is located at 2223 S Shore Center, Alameda.

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