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craft lady reporting for duty.

A friend of a friend got married and I was craft summoned! I helped with day-of decor set up. It felt like a craft challenge. It was pretty exciting.


The reception was held at Hillside Community Church in El Cerrito just a mile from my home. When I arrived the bride had a whole squad of decor helpers setting up all of the guest tables. The decor themes included elephants and travel so they had postcards and elephant figurines on display.

My mission: pie bar set up and assorted sign making! I brought some of my craft lady display boxes and decor, and was given doilies, fabrics, and chalkboards to play with. My friend Laura was on map duty, as well as signs, making sure everything was pretty, and then tending bar at the wedding – she did it all!


Display hack: tape boxes together for varied height! Font inspo: the wedding invites!


Pie bar close ups!

I’m really into these crocheted doilies and golden elephants! And I couldn’t help but take so many photos of the pie bar – it looked great against the brick and wood. 😍 After setting up I caught some lovely views of my hood, too. What a beautiful day for a celebration!

Congratulations, Priya and Martin! And thank you for letting me be part of your celebration / Laura’s plus one to the pre-party! 😉

Here’s a snap from the wedding: The pie bar in all it’s pie glory. (Photo by Laura)

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