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flower coasters.

Remember when I pressed flowers on Earth Day? I finally made something with them: coasters!

Materials and tools:

  • Pressed flowers (My friend Kayla of Impressed by Nature has fun, easy to use flower presses!)
  • Decoupage glue (My favorite is ArtMinds – a Michaels brand – because it doesn’t leave a sticky residue which means you don’t have to put a top coat of sorts. It also comes in a glossy version.)
  • Tiles (I found these at Home Depot)
  • Foam brush


How to:

  • You can plan out where you want your petals to go, or just go for it!
  • Brush on a layer of glue.
  • Add petals.
  • Coat tile with an even layer of glue. I like to coat on at least three layers of glue.
  • Allow to dry between layers of glue (10-15 minutes), then allow to dry over night after adding the final layer of glue.

Note that some of the petals changed color or bled – the hydrangeas and the bougainvilleas in particular. If I were to do this again I’d stick with yellows and greens – the daisies and the jacaranda leaves did really well.

These were so fun to make – and super simple, too. I see flower coasters in everyone’s future…:)

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