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fruit party.

Another coworker leaving means another fun party to throw! 🙁 and 🙂 We made it a summer theme and asked people to bring fruits and veggies to share. We dubbed this all the “Hello Summer, Bye Bye Melissa.” party!


One coworker made a watermelon basket! We also had cucumber-blueberry water and some pan dulce (in case fruits and veggies were too healthy… 😉 ).

For decor, I raided my honeycomb and paper stash. I picked a few honeycombs in summery colors – I thought they would pair nicely with all the fresh fruits and veggies. I also made tiny honeycomb fruits on sticks by adding a paper leaf on top. Placing them in jars with floral sand added some nice height to the tablescape.


I also made food picks with washi tape, and I found one paper fan in my party decor stash so I made a kiwi wedge – thanks Oh Happy Day! Plus, for added tablescape fun (or chaos!) I cut fruity scrapbook paper into scatterable sizes – kind of like large, easy-to-clean-up confetti.


And what party would be complete without a fun way to invite / surprise the celebrant. I decorated beach balls (got these at Target on a whim and look at me now, using all the random stuff I buy for good!) and tossed them into Melissa’s cubicle the day of her party.


Yay, and that’s how we summer fruit party!

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