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flower lockets.

Springtime in the Bay means a bounty of blooming wildflowers. Here’s an easy project that yields stunning results with craft supplies from your own backyard. My friend and I cohosted this craft for another friend’s birthday and everyone loved it.


All you need:

  • lockets
  • pressed flowers
  • glue
  • cotton swabs
  • scissors
  • yarn or ribbon


Press the flower petals
The step that takes time is the pressing of flowers. I’m not sure if my method of pressing flowers is correct but it works for me. Pull off petals and place them on a sheet of paper. Do not overlap petals. Place another few sheets of paper on top, then stack (heavy) books on top. Check on the petals after a few days and change the paper. After at least one week the petals should be ready for this project. Protip: choose petals that will fit your lockets (or lockets that will fit your petals) if you would rather not cut the petals.

Design and glue
When it comes to glueing, less is way more. Once you decide where you want to place your petals, add a very small amount of glue to the flower petal, preferably in the thickest part of the petal. The glue will hold the petal in place on the glass. Careful here, too much glue and it’ll leave a spot on your petal.


Add a chain
Or ribbon or yarn…

That’s it! You can decorate your home, use as party favors, or wear! What else do you like to make with pressed flowers? Share below!

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