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home vs. home.

Crafty friend Tally Sue and I went on a Home cafe taste/experience test adventure! Home is a San Francisco-based cafe with two locations. Since San Francisco is heavily metered, we decided we’d spend two hours at our first cafe stop and then go to the other one when our meter ran out. Adventures!


Home on Noriega

This location is the smaller of the two, which I think makes it more cozy. During our stay the line remained long but tables turned over quickly. I ordered a London Fog with soy milk and Tally Sue ordered a matcha with almond milk. Her’s came with a bear! Jealous! We also shared the toast special of the day which had corn, bacon, and cheese, and the ‘Egg in Basket’ toast (my preferred toast of the two we ordered) which had a sunny side up egg in the middle. ‘No laptops’ signs encouraged chatting with your company…and in our case, crafting with company.

Home on Clement

Parking was a little more challenging, but doable at this location. Home on Clement looks a little more young and trendy, with higher ceilings, a felt letter board for the menu, and tiny dogs. This location allows laptops; it definitely made the mood feel more rushed and busy. For sustenance I ordered a chai with almond milk and Tally Sue had an iced matcha. My chai tasted like bandage (and you know how I feel about drinking bandages.) For toast we shared the Let’s Avo-cuddle (avocado, arugula, and tomato) and the Matcha Love (matcha, condensed milk, and strawberries) – the perfect combo!

Overall thoughts: I didn’t quite get the home feels at either location, but for food and drink – Noriega is my choice for drinks; order a warm beverage that allows for latte art and sip it ‘for here’ to get the full experience. Clement has a better toast menu; points for creative names and beautiful presentation.

Have you ventured on any taste testing adventures lately? Share your favorite things below. 

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Local markets are my kind of tourist attraction. Crafternoons are my favorite. Good food makes me dance.

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