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christmas craft camp.

Happy day after Christmas! Family crafting has become a regular activity whenever I visit home. Everyone gets in on it, even if it means just sitting in the same room and watching others create. It’s nice to be in the space together.

This year, our Christmas weekend crafting schedule included three projects:

  1. Wood Bead and Animal Keychains
  2. Fuzzy Ball Gift Tags
  3. Mini Grapevine Wreaths


My niece and nephews had a collection of plastic animal figurines to contribute to the keychain craft — upcycling idea! We painted and drew on wooden beads, attached an eyelet screw onto the animals, and strung the beads onto a lobster clasp.

Excited for how these turned out!


For the fuzzy ball gift tags, we attached tiny fuzzy balls onto reindeer- and tree-shaped tags using glue dots. My nephew made all of Santa’s reindeer.

And lastly, we busted out with the hot glue, mini bottle brush trees, jingle bells, and mini reindeer figurines to decorate mini grapevine wreaths.


Up close!

Hope you had a crafty holiday weekend, too!

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