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craft crafts and craft beer.

Earlier this week my coworker buddies and I decided to have a crafty happy hour. We recently spotted Oh Joy’s Pretty Pearl Sweater DIY and were inspired to pearl cabochon all the things!

We gathered multicolored flat back pearl cabochons, gem glue, bead tweezers, cotton swabs, toothpicks, scrap paper, and materials to decorate.

Twas a beautiful space to create a colorful mess – the bar keeps didn’t seem to mind.

We fancied up Christmas stockings, a denim skirt, photo frames, a tiny hat…

And I found this old cardigan to bring back to life.

I added a collar and a little something to the back. I’m ready for holiday festivities!

This was a super fun craft with super fun people, and is a super easy way to renew some items hiding deep in your closet. 🙂

We all agree we need to bedazzle many more things! What would you bedazzle? Share below!

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