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Hubs and I finally opened our watercolor brushes and paints! I picked these up from the Scrapbook Expo…two summers ago (whoops).


We’ve been taking our painting on the road to local cafes. We pack our brushes, paints, paper, boards, paper towels, water, and a jar for our watercolor excursions. It’s been really nice to sit and peacefully paint next to each other. I for one do better when I paint what I can see in front of me, so sitting in new environments is inspiring. Here’s a look at our first couple of watercolor studies.

Coffee Shop, Walnut Creek / Greenery + Still Life

Allegro Coffee Roasters, Berkeley / Pattern Play + Painting with Leftover Coffee

Here’s to more watercolor wanderings in 2018! Not sure where we’ll end up next, but I’m excited for it!

What’s on your creative development list for the New Year? Share below! 

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