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Ah! It’s been a while but I was busy prepping for a jewelry show! Yup, yup, I have my own jewelry line now. Welcome to Elmwood!

In 2011 I decided “Hey, I’m going to make jewelry for myself.” I walked into a bead store and simply asked them how to bend and curl wire. I took a liking to the process and the rest is history.

I started with earrings and worked my way to bracelets and necklaces as I learned more about jewelry wires, cords, and findings.

The name Elmwood comes from the neighborhood in Berkeley where I used to live. My crafty jewelry friend Linda and I would make jewelry together when she came to visit.

As you can see, I love earth tones with pops of colors, particularly pinks and golds. I like making asymmetric pieces meant for layering.

Blue Door Beads featured me at their Third Thursday event this month. Who knew I would ever be a featured jewelry artist! Though I don’t see myself selling my jewelry full time, I do plan on continuing to create, gifting pieces to family and friends, and occasionally showing my work at local events.

A big thank you to Blue Door Beads for letting me share my collection and allowing me the opportunity to gain confidence in my jewelry work! 🙂


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