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i’m five.

Sometimes I feel like a five year old. Sometimes I want to wear mismatched, yet fully coordinated, outfits. Other times I want to craft with slap bracelets and fuse beads. Sometime was tonight!

I had purchased some fuse beads for a family craft workshop last year — Oh, excuse me, over purchased — and the leftovers had been sitting in my supply pile since. Every time I saw them I tried to think of something to make, but always just came up with keychains. Well, tonight, since I was already in the Valentine’s craft mood, I whipped out my beads and made hearts. Lots of them.

Can I just say, I loooove Valentine’s Day crafts. It’s my favorite holiday for creating things (yes, more than Christmas!). It’s hearts everywhere and so many puns! But back to the fuse bead hearts… what did I end up doing with them? I strung a few together on nylon cord to make a garland, of course. I’m thinking a heart mobile and gift adornments are in order as well. And there you have it, some ideas for fuse bead crafts. My inner child is fully appeased.

When does your inner child come out? Share below!



  1. I remember fuse beads from my childhood but haven’t seen them in action since around 1994. Those hearts would make the cutest present adornment.

    • Styles are supposed to cycle every 20 years or so, right? Perhaps I’m bringing back some old school style/crafts! 🙂

  2. Linda says

    i love those hearts! I don’t know why but they
    Also remind me of my childhood. Maybe it’s the shape of beads, the 80’s and Tetris?

    • Yay, thanks Linda! I don’t know how we had the patience to create with fuse beads when we were small; it actually takes a while to get all of the beads on the board. And totally, the colors and the pixelation…the 80s!

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