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picky picky.

I went on a morning beverage run with my coworker the other day. It wasn’t on the menu, but I inquired about a chai latte. It turns out they serve them, so I ordered one. My coworker proceeded to tell me how when he worked at a cafe he observed that people who ordered chai lattes were very particular about their drinks. Basically, he called them picky and then he had a concerned look on his face – maybe he thought I might be offended. Actually, that comment got me thinking about my drink preferences.

My go-to at cafes are iced soy chai lattes. I like my chai to have a nice blend of spices, but I don’t like it when the spices over power the flavors of the tea. I also like my chai milky and not watered down with ice. Also, regular soy is my preference over vanilla soy and sweetened with agave over honey or simple syrup. If I’m able to, I make my iced soy chai lattes at home, the semi-homemade way.

My favorite mix: Blue Lotus Chai brand Rooibos Masala Chai . I’m super sensitive to caffeine so this rooibos version, naturally caffeine free, is perfect for me. Plus, it comes with a cute mini wooden measuring spoon inside.
My preferred milk: regular soy milk (no vanilla!)
My preferred sweetener: Madhava brand amber agave nectar
My method:

  • heat 1/4c water
  • mix in a heaping spoonful of chai mix
  • add ~1 teaspoon agave (I add more later if I have a sweet craving)
  • pour over 12 ice cubes (yes, 12)
  • mix to cool down tea and partially melt ice
  • add milk (approximate ratio of tea to milk is 2:1)
  • enjoy with straw

Since I’m not a coffee drinker, iced soy chai lattes are one of the only drinks I know how to order. On the occasional Starbucks run, though, this is what I sound like: “I’ll have a tall soy java chip no whip.” or “May I get a venti passion iced tea lemonade with one less pump of syrup?”

So, yea, maybe I am picky, or maybe I just know what I like. 😉
Do you have a complex drink order? The crazier, the better. Share below.

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