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i run for medals.

Yes, it’s true. I run for medals. If there isn’t a medal at the end of the race you can count on me to be your cheerleader instead. But really, something about getting a prize at the end, even though you pay for it in your registration fee, motivates me. Running for feeling good about my health is also very important to me, but, let’s face it, medals are fun! Plus, afterwards, you can take a photo of yourself biting your medal like an Olympic athlete.

Today, I participated in the San Francisco Hot Chocolate 15k. With very little training I managed to wog (that is, walk and jog) my way through the course. I definitely wish I had trained more though because the skin on my feet was so thin I ended up getting blisters. Ack! In any case, it was a beautiful course, starting and ending in Golden Gate Park with a few miles along the Great Highway/Pacific Ocean. At a chilly 50-55°F, it was surprisingly the perfect temperature for running around for so long and not overheating. I saw waterfalls, surfers, and even some buffalo. I really need to spend more time exploring and wandering through this part of town.

Some other perks, though I couldn’t stomach them during the race, were the “Sweet Stops” every couple of miles. In addition to the basic water and sports drinks stations, you could stop for chocolate chips, strawberry and chocolate marshmallows, and Tootsie Rolls. After the race, we were given a finisher’s mug filled with hot chocolate (of course!), fondue, and assorted dipping snacks like a banana and pretzels. I am a lover of chocolate, but I don’t ever want chocolate after I work out. I must say though, that hot chocolate felt so good going down; it warmed me back up after I had been resting and probably cooling down too quickly. Perhaps this post-race chocolate is a good idea.

What gets you to run or work out? Share some of your favorite races or fitness activities below! 

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