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sew cool.

Watch out world; I know how to sew my own skirts…with pockets! I recently had a private sewing lesson with my crafty friend Rebecca of OodleBaDoodle. Not only is she a super talented, super lovely human, but she is the most excellent instructor. I got to hang out in her studio all day (I am a slow sewer!) and see where all the OodleBaDoodle magic happens. I brought in fabric from Old Yak Bazaar in Berkeley. Super mega heart eyes, am I right? I measured and marked, and did a lot of ironing and pressing. And I got to play with Rebecca’s new sewing machine! So cute! Rebecca helped me navigate through my mistakes. Pockets can be challenging! I added a little stretch… And Rebecca hand-stamped and hand-stitched on a tag for me. Viola! I was too excited and I wore my new skirt home over the skirt I was already wearing. Thank you, Rebecca, for making the process fun-filled and easily-to-follow. Now that I know how to make something durable (I’ve worn my skirt …

one dress, three weddings.          

I attended four weddings this year, three of which were back to back to back weekends. To keep my sanity and because all three weddings were amongst different groups of friends, I decided to buy one dress and wear it three times. I didn’t even change up the accessories, my hair, or make up. I just got really good at getting ready and it was a good thing because as each weekend approached, my getting ready time got shorter and shorter… Wedding #1 was held in the South Bay, about an hour’s drive from my home. I had plenty of time to get ready; I even tried different hairstyles. I had helped this friend with her photobooth so we arrived early and had enough time between dropping off props and the ceremony to hang out at a coffee shop. Wedding #2 was held in New Mexico. I flew into Albuquerque, drove a rental an hour north to Santa Fe, checked into my hotel, freshened up, and headed straight to the ceremony. I got there with just …


We went to Brick Fest for my nephew’s 12th birthday. He taught me some new lingo – “AFOL.”  It means “adult fan of Lego.” There really is no age limit to being a Lego fan though. I had been hoarding a box of Legos since college, and, yes, I did buy them while in college. Talk about AFOLs. I just couldn’t get rid of them. And then, a few days before Brick Fest it dawned on me: I should make Lego shoes! Because when going to Brick Fest, you must walk around in Lego-dazzled shoes. Am I right? My Dad dug up my box of Legos from the garage, I grabbed a pair of wedges from Payless, and then I got to hot glueing! An hour later: Lego shoes! Hoarder schmoarder. I have a pair of Lego wedges now! These were the perfect accessory for the occasion. My feet have never been photographed as much as at Brick Fest. Ha! Happy birthday Nephew! AFOLs!!