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sew cool.

Watch out world; I know how to sew my own skirts…with pockets! I recently had a private sewing lesson with my crafty friend Rebecca of OodleBaDoodle. Not only is she a super talented, super lovely human, but she is the most excellent instructor. I got to hang out in her studio all day (I am a slow sewer!) and see where all the OodleBaDoodle magic happens.

I brought in fabric from Old Yak Bazaar in Berkeley. Super mega heart eyes, am I right?

I measured and marked, and did a lot of ironing and pressing.

And I got to play with Rebecca’s new sewing machine! So cute!

Rebecca helped me navigate through my mistakes. Pockets can be challenging!

I added a little stretch…

And Rebecca hand-stamped and hand-stitched on a tag for me. Viola!

I was too excited and I wore my new skirt home over the skirt I was already wearing.

Thank you, Rebecca, for making the process fun-filled and easily-to-follow. Now that I know how to make something durable (I’ve worn my skirt twice now and put it through the wash!), I can justify buying more pretty, pretty fabric. Winning on so many levels. What have you sewn lately? Show off below. 

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