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one dress, three weddings.          

I attended four weddings this year, three of which were back to back to back weekends. To keep my sanity and because all three weddings were amongst different groups of friends, I decided to buy one dress and wear it three times. I didn’t even change up the accessories, my hair, or make up. I just got really good at getting ready and it was a good thing because as each weekend approached, my getting ready time got shorter and shorter…

Wedding #1 was held in the South Bay, about an hour’s drive from my home. I had plenty of time to get ready; I even tried different hairstyles. I had helped this friend with her photobooth so we arrived early and had enough time between dropping off props and the ceremony to hang out at a coffee shop.


Wedding #2 was held in New Mexico. I flew into Albuquerque, drove a rental an hour north to Santa Fe, checked into my hotel, freshened up, and headed straight to the ceremony. I got there with just enough time to say hello to friends and find a seat. I think I got ready in thirty minutes, which was my record time for getting wedding ready until…


Wedding #3. For this wedding weekend, we drove down to San Diego. It’s about an eight-hour drive without stops. The plan was to stop at my fiance’s parents’ house, say hello and get ready there, then arrive at the wedding at 6p. Well, we rolled into San Diego county around 5p. If we continued with our original plan, we would have arrived at the wedding around 8p, so instead, we checked into a nearby hotel and did a quick Superman change. I think we got ready in fifteen minutes…maybe less. We zoomed out of there and got to the party just slightly late. 😉


Boom. And that’s how you rock the same dress three weekends in a row. 

Two-piece dress: Lulu’s
Shoes: Aldo
Statement necklace & shades: Target
Gold bar earrings: Oh Hello Friend

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