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woven wall hanging.

I opened an online art shop! And my first product is my last large weaving project. This was my biggest weaving yet, created on the ‘Big Mama‘ frame loom from The Unusual Pair.

I love working with different textures of yarn and roving. For this project I used an assortment of acrylic and wool-blend yarns, plus roving and rope that I dyed with bug scales! I generally shop in a muted palette (blushes, tans); it soothes me when I’m creating and makes a space feel cozy and calm when displayed.

First things first: rya! I’m a fan of really long rya and I always opt for at least two rows of fluffy yarn. I also really like movement in my weavings so I tend to create hills throughout and vary the textures with each layer.

Here’s a close up of the back (pre-weaving in the loose strands) and a close up of the front. I finished and attached this weaving to the dowel using stitching at different angels to get a sort of cable-stayed bridge look.

My next weaving project that I’m looking forward to continuing is a piece on my Crafterateur lap loom that I started because Bebe found a really nice stick. Did you know that weavings can be inspired by foraged sticks? It is true! Stay tuned for nature Bebe weaving collabs!

Click here to purchase this one-of-a-kind woven wall hanging.

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