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name sweater.

Eee, here’s a personalized project I can get behind: embroidered name sweaters for the littles! Perfect for gifting!

For this project you will need:

Start by sketching out your letters. I went with a semi cursive font. The marking pen rinses off under water so it’s ok if it’s not a perfect outline. Keep in mind the width of your yarn when spacing out your letters. A thicker yarn will need more space in between letters.

I used a chain stitch throughout – See a quick tutorial by Cutesy Crafts. Start by knotting your yarn, then create a chain, stop whenever you would ‘pick up your pencil,’ and tie off your yarn on the reverse side. When I crossed the ‘T’ I created a chain stitch on top of the first chain stitch. Trim any excess yarn and rinse off the marking pen.

So fun I couldn’t make just one! I created one for my friend’s Bebe, too, in this burnt orange color. This project works best for short names, though I imagine with a thinner yarn and different font you could embroider longer names, too.

And because we can – EmmaTeo! It’s très cute when they match for playdates!

Adults, would you rock a personalized embroidered sweater, too? They are majorly adorbs, and you can match your besties!

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