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paper snowflakes.

There’s no secret to the paper bag snowflake DIY; it seems to be all over the internet again this year. I’m adding a few tips and tricks here, plus sharing how we used this craft at my office winter party.


  • Paper bags, any size or color, 8 per snowflake
  • Hot glue or glue stick (Hot glue works well, but if you need to create without electricity or with those prone to burns (adults included), glue stick works just as well with a little extra patience.)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or string
  • Paperclips (optional)


  • Work on a firm, flat surface.
  • With paper bag facing flap side down and open side upwards, place glue in an upside T-ish fashion, with one line of glue in the middle of the bag from the opening to the flap, and a ‘box’ of glue on the bottom. (For hot glue, you can glue on a box outline. For glue stick, fill in the whole box.)
  • Place second paper bag facing in same direction on top of the first paper bag. If you are using hot glue, apply a gentle pressure (if you press to firmly, you may still feel the heat of the glue). If you are using glue stick, press down firmly over the T.
  • Repeat until all 8 paper bags are glued together.
  • Cut out snowflake designs along the sides of the paper bag, avoiding the flap area.
  • Hold the first and last paper bags and pull outwards to form a circle.
  • Punch a hole in the first and last paper bags near the bag opening. Punch the ‘loose’ side of the bags only.
  • Add 1-2 paperclips as needed to hold the designs in place.
  • Add a string through the punched hole. Tie a knot to secure the bags. Then use the remaining string tail to hang.

Tip: To make this craft last through the years or if you need it to travel well, assemble the snowflakes without sealing the final pieces together. Instead, secure with ribbon (and well-hidden paper clips) when in use; and then store flat.

My office started to meet more regularly in person for work meetings, and this is the first time we’ve had a craftivity since Hearts and Crafts 2020. Excited to introduce more crafts to my coworkers! Have you tried this craft? Share below!

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