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#tbt to last year’s Halloween festivities! I learned how to create a skeleton look during one of the online Yelp events. I was never big on face paint – something about sharing a palette with others and germs grossed me out – and also I was never sure of safe make up or how to remove it all afterwards (now I know – coconut oil for the win!). This was the perfect class for me because I didn’t have to share a palette and I learned some pro tips!

Sabrina Lopez of Rabbit Rye based out of San Antonio, TX led the make up tutorial. Before the event she provided a list of make up and tool recommendations. She’s the pro so I got all the things on her list. I gathered a cream-based make up palette, paint/make up brushes, and make up sponges. Plus, I opted in for face glitter – I had been looking for an excuse to purchase body glitter! Here we go!

First, we felt around our face to find our eye sockets and cheek bones. Then we ‘sketched’ on top of those lines using white paint (easy to cover up in case we messed up). We went in with black around the eyes and painted our entire face white. We retraced the cheek/mouth area with black lines and continued on with creating teeth, a nose, and accent cracks. We also outlined our jaw bone and forehead, and blended those lines to complete the look.

I added glitter to my eye area. I’ll need more practice with this technique. It made my look confusing — am I scary or sparkly?

I wanted to scare the neighbor kids but I scared my Hubby instead.

As part of the festivities, Alfresco Photo put together an online photobooth for the event. Headshot for the eve:

Thank you to Yelp San Antonio, Rabbit Rte, and Alfresco Photo for this fun transformative evening! Do you like to dress up with costume make up? Share your favorite looks below.

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