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laser pumpkins.

The same friend who laser beamed craft goodies for my Crafty Bebe Shower last year also created these laser beamed geometric wood pumpkins for a special Halloween DIY kit to gift to my fam.

I gave my friend a photo of what I wanted and she created pumpkins in the perfect size.

These kits were really fun to put together.

I included paint pots filled with Martha Stewart acrylic paints (my fave) and brushes.

Here’s how I packed them up. I included a string of orange lights, snacks, pumpkin spice goodies, googly eyes, and a fun Halloween card. I love putting together items to make the unboxing super fun!

Some of the creations!

I got in the fun, too, of course. Here are my pumpkins:

What’s on your Halloween craft list this year? Share!

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