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What happens when you haven’t created with your hands in over four months and you sign up for your first in person creative workshop in over a year and a half?

You get super excited and create a larger than life wreath, question if it will fit in the car to take home after class, and wonder if it will even fit your regular sized front door. Seriously, I thought my 2019 winter wreath was gigantic. I didn’t think I could create something even larger!

Abby Dale of Craft + Work taught this wreath making class in the Royal Bee Yarn Company‘s recently renovated garden space. Abby has taken some of my felt workshops at Craft + Work; it was so fun to take a class that she was leading! She provided lots of guidance, inspo, and encouragement throughout class.

Abby brought a huge spread of foliage – milkweed, sage, rosemary, magnolia leaves, eucalyptus, succulents… – some from the San Francisco Flower Mart and others from her garden. You really couldn’t go wrong selecting foliage for your wreath. Everything worked with each other effortlessly.

For this wreath we used a wire base (this was my first time using this kind of base), floral wire, wire cutters, and all the foliage. I hadn’t made a wreath with live plants since 2019, but it was just like riding a bike. It all came back to me with Abby’s help!

It was so relaxing and fun to get creative for a couple of hours. Plus, the foliage scents were soooo lovely ~ added aromatherapy! And, I could not be more excited about this wreath!

Thank you Abby for the best time and for answering all my questions! Also, look who stopped by – it’s Roberta of Craft + Work!

PS It sort of fit my door. 🙂

Do you like to adorn your door with festive decor? Share below!

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