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oh hi 2021.

Remember when I took a stamped calendar workshop in Seattle? I loved the idea and wanted to share the experience with my family. We had originally planned for this to be our activity for Christmas Craft Camp 2020, but guess who stored away their craft kits through the winter and start of spring? Yuh, all of us. So for Mother’s Day we brought out our crafts for another virtual Mom’s Day activity – a bit late for a calendar craft, but still just as fun.

For my calendar, I used gouache! I not-so-secretly want to be a surface designer so I decided to practice with pattern play.

I tried to vary shapes and colors throughout the calendar, but I clearly had some favorite patterns – splotches and stripes for the win!

My very favorite design out of the twelve months is March. It might stay March all year. 🙂 I can envision this as a fabric print!

I have a long way to go before I can be a legit surface designer, but this was fun practice. Also, PS 2022 calendars are already available. Maybe I should get started for next year; I already know want to paint plants!

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