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candy corn.

I don’t know anyone who likes candy corn, but I do love how they are an iconic Halloween candy. I also enjoy making them in felt form! Here’s a fun and simple candy corn decor DIY.


  • Felt in yellow, orange, and white
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Alligator clip (if making a clip)

Cut felt. Start with the yellow felt and cut out a tapered rectangular shape with curved bottom corners and an uneven top. Place the yellow felt on top of the orange felt, and cut the orange felt using the yellow piece as a template. This shape will be taller than the yellow piece; it will continue to be tapered with an uneven top.

Place the orange felt on top of two pieces of white felt. Use the orange felt as a template and cut both pieces of white felt at the same time to complete the candy corn shape. Taper the felt and create a curved top. If you are making a clip, fold one white piece of felt in half and cut two slits for the alligator clip. Insert alligator clip.

Now we glue. Glue the yellow piece onto the orange, the orange onto the white, and the white piece with the clip onto the second white piece.

Press and allow to cool. Trim border as necessary. Make a bunch because cute!

Use as a hair clip, brooch, or Halloween tree decor! They also make fun gift toppers. Now, tell me, are you a fan of candy corn? Share below!

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