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Halloween may look a little different this year, but you can totally still dress up! Here’s a Halloween Throwback (just two years…) because I never got to post about our Sriracha costumes.

I cut the roosters out of felt and attached them onto a red dress and red tee (inside out so you couldn’t see the design) with double sided tape. I made the green caps out of La Croix boxes and felt. I attached mine to a headband and Hubby’s to a hair clip.

I like designing costumes that are comfortable / easy to maneuver in so I try to use what I already have in my outfit repertoire as the base of my costumes. That makes it easier to wear to work if Halloween falls on a workday, and do normal things like go to Starbucks and tell them my name is Sriracha (Yes, they spelled it incorrectly.).

I thought the comically tiny and comically large caps would be a nice touch. When we went to Chipotle for our annual boo-rito run, the workers really loved our matching outfits, too. And we loved taking advantage of their blank wall for a costume photoshoot.

Keep it spicy y’all! Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? Share below!

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