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macaron night.

Macarons by Natalie and Yelp East Bay hosted a macaron decorating night. OMG so fun! Natalie created macaron kits for Yelp Elites and we spent the evening together apart decorating our macarons to look like dumplings and boba.

Our kits came with everything we needed to fill and decorate a dozen macarons. Plus, a bonus Yelp macaron that you could have eaten right away if you just couldn’t wait! But in true Yelp Elite form, I resisted so it could be part of the photoshoot. 🙂

Before we got started, Natalie shared her dessert biz story and goals for the future. She’s already a published cookbook author, and has dreams to open her own dessert shop! Then, Natalie demoed how to fill macarons and decorate them in the cutest ways.

She provided us with buttercream fillings in Cookies n Cream and Fruity Pebbles flavors, a trio of icing colors, and a food coloring pen, and encouraged us to get creative with our designs.

My favorite techniques were the kawaii eyes (with the ‘sparkles’) and creating boba balls. I also tried to get in some hearts.

There was a contest, too — best decorated as judged by macaron expert Natalie won a $30 gift certificate to her shop! People got so creative!

Here are mine! (I might have eaten 4 before taking these photos…)

Thank you to Natalie and Yelp East Bay for putting together this super kawaii and delicious virtual event! Do you enjoy a cute character macaron? Share below!

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