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Do you ever have those projects that you tuck away and then put off finishing for…forever? My seashell project was one of those projects. I started in 2014 and finally finished over the long weekend. So excited to share!

During my last trip to the Philippines in 2009, I collected seashells on all the beaches with my Mom. I had no intention of using them to create an art piece; I just wanted to collect them because pretty.

Then in 2014 I ended up designing a project for Darby Smart, which at the time was craft supply company and DIY resource page. My project was a wooden letter covered in seashells and pearl beads. I found the letters at Michaels, and used hot glue to attach the shells and beads. I wanted to spell the word “HOME” but I didn’t have enough seashells. So the tutorial was just an H, and my project was stored away until the next time I could collect more seashells.

I haven’t been back to the Philippines since 2009 but my parents have, and so I put my Mom on a seashell collecting mission. She brought back a bag which didn’t seem like enough seashells to complete the project so it got stashed away for a few years until I recently unearthed it from storage. To my surprise, I had more than enough seashells to cover the whole word. So now I don’t need to wait for another trip to compete my project.

I chose “HOME” as the word to decorate because my parents call the Philippines home even though they have lived in the States for more than 40 years. It must be like how I still call my parents house in So Cal home even though I haven’t lived there for the last 18 years.

Where is home for you? Share below.

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