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paint markers.

I attended the Jenny Lemons virtual craft night on Friday with Dan Garzi, SF artist and designer. Such a fun activity to kick off the weekend!

Jenny Lemons sent participants supplies (if you needed them). The craft night supplies included watercolor cards, envelopes, and a set of four paint markers. I had never worked with paint markers before so I was excited to learn.

First, we sketched out smaller versions of the evening’s designs: a cactus, a parrot, and a family of pineapple cactus creatures. Dan shared tips on how to achieve proportions and dimension. Here are my sketches:

Then, we transferred our designs to the watercolor paper cards.

Time to color! Dan shared tips for layering and blending colors with paint markers. I love how the colors are so bold, and you can hide the marker streaks with additional layers.

This color combo is so fun, and the black outline is so good.

Yay us! Progress so far during class. Spot me!

After class I continued on.

Here are my final pieces!

Thank you Dan and Jenny Lemons! I’m so ready for next month’s craft night! Have you experimented with paint markers before? Share your tips or woes below.

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