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missing you.

File these milk cartons under things I didn’t need but wanted to craft with. They are so cute! Also file these under pandemic crafts – I’m making Missing You milk cartons to send to friends.

For this craft you will need:

  • Milk cartons. You can purchase cartons precut and prescored with attached adhesive strips, or create your own with a template. I purchased mine from Impressed Cards, but I don’t see them on their website anymore. You can find similar ones at Michaels.
  • Markers in a variety of colors
  • Photos of your friends, preferably with you so it’s less weird (more on that later)
  • Adhesive, if needed. I recommend glue tape or double sided tape.
  • Treats to place inside the milk carton. Prepackaged snack packs work great, especially if you will ship them.

How to:

Add a photo: Maybe this craft is a little strange to be modeled after those missing kids milk cartons, but it cute. Also, I feel like it’s less creepy (and less like your friend is actually missing 🙈) if you use a photo of you and your friend. I ordered these 2″ x 2″ stickers from Social Print Studio. They are perfect for this craft. I added the photo first and planned out the text around the photo. You can also cut a photo to size and attach with double sided tape or glue.

Decorate: I added “MISSING YOU” to label the photo plus a special note for each friend. On the other sides you can add a milk logo, draw doodles, create a maze or other activity (like cereal box games!), write some fun facts about friendship, add additional stickers – anything you want to share with your friends.

Assemble: After all of your decorating is complete, assemble the milk carton. The milk cartons I used came with attached adhesive. If you make your own, double sided tape will work well for assembly.

Fill: I wanted treats to travel well in the mail so I picked prepackaged, non-melty snacks. I used shredded paper fill for extra cushion.

Send: I wrapped each milk carton snuggly in a mailing box with some additional gifty items for each friend.

This is a fun craft for sending to friends who moved away, those heading to school far away, or for your long distance bff, too.

Let me know if you make your own. Also, who else is in the I miss my friends club?

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