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Oh yay! My friend Laura gifted me a sashiko kit. I was so excited to get started!

The kit included fabric with a pattern, sashiko yarn, a needle, plus instructions.

But the instructions were in Japanese, so I had to watch a few YouTube videos to figure out some basic techniques. The drawings helped though!

I also attended a sashiko meet up earlier this month to learn more. Thanks to my Craftcation friend Emily for inviting me! I learned a few tricks, like how to cut your sashiko thread into manageable lengths, and how to secure loose ends.

The monthly event is held at the Kimono Momo Studio in Alameda. It was fun to browse the fabrics and sashiko supplies while taking sashiko breaks. Also, they carry Maito brand yarn! Eeee!

I enjoyed the sashiko company and seeing all the projects everyone was working on. I snagged a few goodies to continue my sashiko practice, too, including longer needs, a pattern, and thread.

The sashiko process is slow, but I find it super satisfying. I don’t usually work well with patterns, but this I can do. Thank you to my crafty maker community for always inspiring me! Have you picked up any new crafty hobbies lately? Share below!

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