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More weaving with shapes! Vilasinee of The Loome also came out with a lip weaving tool. She’s so sweet; she included one in my order when I bought the rainbow tool. I thought these would be perfect for love day gifting.

For this weaving project you will need: the Loome lip tool, yarn (at least two colors), non-stretchy cord, scissors, and a craft needle.

The full weaving tutorial can be found on The Loome. Protips: Use two colors – one for the lips and one for the lipline. And make sure to pull the warp tight to get the Cupid’s bow on top.

I finished my weavings by adding a hanging string with hot glue and sewing on a pomtass. I went a lil crazy with the color combos, but I’m into it!

All together now!

Hope your Valentine’s crafting is off to a colorful start!

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