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a weaving rainbow.

My friend Vilasinee of the Loome came out with a few new maker tools, including a rainbow loom! Ka-yoot. I was very excited to try it out.

For this craft you will need:

  • Rainbow Loome tool
  • Non stretchy cord
  • Assorted yarn
  • Felt
  • Fabric or hot glue
  • Fabric scissors
  • Crafting needle

The complete details can be found in V’s super helpful how-to video using the larger of the two rainbow looms, but in general:

Use the non stretchy cord to set up your loom (this is called the warp). Weave a rainbow using a basic/tabby stitch (this is the weft). V recommends starting your weave at the top of the rainbow; I agree. This helps with achieving a more defined arch shape.

Once you fill in the open arch shape, remove the rainbow from the loom. Untie the knots made in the warp, then remove the warp from the notches, one at a time. Alternate pulling the loose warp cord to secure the weft. I started from the middle and worked outward.

Sew loose weft and warp strings into the back of the rainbow and trim. Cut out and glue on a piece of felt to the back of your rainbow to hold the arch in place. I used stiff felt for my projects.

I like that you can use the tool multiple times or you can use it as a frame for a more permanent art piece. I created a basic rainbow, turned one into a necklace by using the excess warp to create a strap, made a wall hanging by using individual longer yarn pieces to weave my piece, and a hair clip by weaving just a part of the rainbow loom. These would be fun to use as gift toppers.

What would you do with your woven rainbows? Share below!

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