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food of DC.

I can’t recap a trip without a food posts! Here’s a food overview for my DC trip plus links to my in depth Yelp reviews.

Jinya Ramen

My coworker friend and I stayed in the Logan neighborhood, and after a day of traveling, we decided on Jinya Ramen, just a few blocks from our lodging. I had the Slurp up Cilantro Ramen and we shared the cripsy chicken with garlic and pepper.

Compass Coffee

Before the conference started, we adventured to the U.S. Botanic Garden, then stopped for a quick bite at Compass Coffee, conveniently located near the Convention Center. The iced jasmine green tea was perfectly steeped and perfectly perfect for the hottest day of our trip.

Poke Papa

Fish for dinner! This place has sakura-shaped radish and unlimited fried garlic toppings.

Milk Bar

There’s a Milk Bar in DC! I went for my fill.

National Portrait Gallery Cafe

We went to the gallery to see the Obama painting plus lunch. You might choose to go for wine by the glass!

A Baked Joint

I met up with my old grad school classmate at A Baked Joint. This place is part coffee shop, pizza place, bakery, and maybe night club? It’s a versatile space with yummy bread!

Tiger Fork

I made rezzies a month prior to our trip. It was worth the wait. Take me back for cucumber salad and chueng fun. Easily the best meal I had in DC.


My grad school friend is also a fellow Yelp Elite, and she suggested SundeVich. She speaks truth! I had the Istanbul as a salad because I can never have too many veggies on vacay.

Unconventional Diner

Turns out I know more people in DC! I had breakfast with friends from San Diego. Unconventional Diner has all kinds of egg dishes on the menu and their blueberry pancakes are like whoa.


Have you ever had a zen bakery experience? There’s a guy at Seylou who is like a bread spirit guide. You can learn about bread, enjoy the bread, and take the bread home. I brought a couple of smaller loaves home and enjoyed a pear tart and golden milk for here.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

A DC landmark serving up chili and hot dogs since 1959.


No, Leftovers is not a trendy restaurant in Logan Circle. 🙂 On our last morning in DC, my friend and I tried to eat all the leftovers. We made a Tiger Fork double fried rice.

Un Je NE Sais Quoi

I picked up a chocolate tart and enjoyed it to go! Yum!

Kramersbook & Afterwards Cafe

A bookstore and a cafe in Dupont Circle! The chicken was overcooked, but regardless, I wish we had more time to spend exploring the neighborhood.

Have you visited DC? Share your favorite food finds below.

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