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art of DC.

Washington DC is full of art, too! I visited the National Portrait Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, and spotted murals and neighborhood art all over town.

National Portrait Museum

When I go to art galleries I like to get up close with the art and see all the textures in the paintings.

At the National Portrait Museum I got to see Barack Obama’s portrait. It was even more amazing in person – so colorful and grand.

Blagden Alley

I love, love, love alleys with murals! I enjoyed reading about Blagden Alley’s history, too. It made walking through so much more meaningful.

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

At the Hirshhorn I spotted a Pollack and a Mondrian!

There was a special Manifesto exhibit and in the video room they timed it so the 13 character monologues were at one point in sync and almost chanting with each other. Art!

Also at the Hirshhorn, a sculpture series which I didn’t quite understand, but I had to photograph all the pieces.

Watermelon House

We spotted the famous Watermelon House! The owner of the house stepped outside to walk his dogs when we were taking photos and he smiled. Bringing happiness to the people!

I heart all the hidden hearts!

Barbie Pond on Avenue Q

Here’s a fun DC must-see: the Barbie Pond on Avenue Q. They switch up the decor with the holidays and the goings ons.

Walls and Murals and Garden Animals

I love spotting murals, pretty walls (OMG brick!), and unique garden decor on neighborhood walks.

Art is everywhere! I’d say this was a successful art trip. Do you have a favorite mural or art piece? Tell me where; I’d like to spot it!

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