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shops of DC.

DC adventures continue with shopping!

Union Kitchen

My favorite souvenir shopping happens at local markets. I love finding the “made in [insert place of vacay here] items.” Union Kitchen is a boutique market that carries lots of locally produced goodies, most of which unfortunately I could not bring home this time around (luggage constraints) but look! Stuffed bagel holes! Pickled jalapeños!

National Museum of Women in the Arts

We didn’t have time to visit National Museum of Women in the Arts, but we did have time to visit the museum shop! I think it gave us major FOMO though. A collection of women empowerment, women made, and inspo…

Salt & Sundry

Salt & Sundry is a cute gift shop in the Logan neighborhood. Soft light, home goods, jewelry…. It was less easy to find the made in DC items (or maybe there just wasn’t a lot of them), but I did score some made in DC chocolate bars!

Little Leaf

Little Leaf is a sister store of Salt & Sundry. It. Is. So. Lush. The store is tiny and packed with plants so it’s a bit difficult to walk through, but who cares! Plants! I’ll take one of everything please!

The DC Pop-Up (at the airport)

The DC Pop-Up is where I bought the bulk of my souvenirs. I scored snacks, stickers, and a super cute ceramic planter. Seeing locally made goodies in airports makes me happy.

Here’s my mini bounty – most were for sharing. 🙂

Where are some of your favorite boutique shops? Share, share!

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