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quilting 101.

Throoowbaaaack. Back in the winter time, my coworker Holly, quilter extraordinaire, hosted weekly quilting-at-lunch lessons at work for our friend Sahskkia and me. I never thought I’d have the patience to make a quilt, but I did it! Well, almost…

In our first session, Holly reviewed quilting basics and showed us all the tools of the trade as well as some of her current projects. Beautiful!

Holly picked an easy starter quilt pattern for us to try that would help us with our “piecework” or putting the quilt pieces together. Precision is key!

Here’s the fabric I decided on using. From top to bottom: leftover fabric from wedding crafts, fabric from Holly x2, and more leftover wedding craft fabric that I had indigo dyed.

Our next few sessions were spent perfecting our fabric cutting, and getting all of the pieces ready for sewing. And using this adorable travel iron!

Then piecing, cutting up the pieced strips, and piecing them back together in a pattern.

More sewing and pressing and piecing…

…and sewing and pressing and piecing…

Until I got a quilt top!

Next, I made my quilt sandwich: more pink fabric for the bottom, batting for the middle, and my quilt top on top. Taping down the bottom layer helps with pinning.

Quilting was next, the part I like to call #ditchesgetstitches. Essentially, each ditch gets stitched. I never got to finish this part so this is now my UFO – my unfinished object, a popular term used in the quilting world. If I ever finish, my quilt will be small – perfect for a kitten.

Thank you to Holly for all the quilting wisdom and inside scoop into the world of quilting!

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