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we be stampin’.

My friend Laura B. (of laurabsewin) and I had a stamping night. We carved out stamps and hand stamped some fabric for future sewing projects. But first she whipped us up a meal from Hello Fresh. Craft energy!

Then crafts!

It had been four and half years since I picked up my block printing supplies. I really should do this more often. Carving out the stamps is super satisfying (like picking a scab!) and I enjoy seeing patterns and designs come to life.

Here’s my materials list:

First we drew designs for our stamps. I was initially thinking gingko leaf but that got hard real fast. I ended up carving out a monstera leaf and a trio of half circles – one solid, one striped, and one rainbow. Laura cut out a sea lard, a triangle, and a 3D cube. You can draw directly on the carving block, or you can draw on a piece of paper then press a carving block on the design so that the image transfers and guides your carving.

Then we mixed up some colors and got to stamping. I like creating repeating patterns, but I also like the not-so-organized look. I tried both.

I think these turned out so good! We used different kinds of scrap fabric, plus I had some tea towels. I’m hoping to make a zipper pouch with my half circle print.

The process kind of takes forever, but I love it! Have you tried fabric stamping? Do you love it, too?

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