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carving and stamping.

If you follow me on Pinterest then you’ve probably noticed my craft wish list includes carving stamps and block printing. Well, I finally did it! I got myself a carving block and carving tool, brought out the fabrics and paints that were waiting a long time to be used, and my friend and I met up for a crafternoon over the long weekend.


We took inspiration from food and nature, and a pair of my favorite earrings by local artist Feistyelle.


After drawing our designs on paper, we pressed the carving blocks on the images to transfer the sketches onto the blocks.


The Speedball brand carving blocks we used were soft and easy to cut – perfect for us newbies! The carving tool had interchangeable blades that could be used to cut various curves and edges. Carving out the image took a while, but the process was super satisfying – kind of like the satisfaction you get from picking a scab. Yea… Look at that concentration!


With my shape, I was going for leaf with polkadots (because that’s totally normal), but once I stamped the fabric, the image looked more and more like a cacao pod, an almond, and a heaping bowl of food. What do you see?

first try.

what do you see?

Just like my printmaking experiment from a few weeks ago, I thoroughly enjoyed mixing my paints. We had an orange and green theme going for us today. Natures, pickles, and avocados – a successful carving and printing day!

I hope you all had a day off yesterday, too, and that you spent it amongst great company!
How do you like to spend your long weekends? Share below. 


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