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sweet treat.

Taste test time! We gathered many treats from Japan and we brought them home for sharing and taste testing. We finally tried them all.

First up: Tokyo Banana. These things were everywhere. I had to try one for myself. Opening this box was a delight. It was beautifully packaged. Branding: on point! There are eight Tokyo bananas individually wrapped. They look like Twinkies. They have a Twinkie texture, too, but there’s a legit fresh banana inside! I was surprised – how do they keep that fresh for so long? Sorcery! The banana was covered with a thin layer of sugar glaze, and then somehow placed in a fluffy yellow cake which was subtly shaped like banana.

Green tea brownie. The Nagano treat box gift sets are insanely beautiful. Look at this box! The green tea brownies came in a pack of four, and each came with it’s own mini fancy box and mini spoon. The brownie was decadent and I actually enjoyed the green tea flavor on this one. Not too bitter, not too sweet. The portion looks small, but you can probably share this with friends just to get a taste.

Kanazawa kitten, a Kanazawa specialty! I purchased a Kanazawa kitten because I needed change for the lockers, and I’m so glad I did. This was my favorite of all the treats. It’s a like a mille crepe cake with caramel layers. So. Good. I wish I purrchased more than just the one. We’ll have to go back to Kanazawa!

Sake choco brownie. We thought this would make a good gift for our fam. It had a dense brownie texture, lightly sweet with a hint of sake flavor, plus nuts. It made for a nice snack on the bullet train.

Ringo Pie. Nagano is a big producer of apples, so we saw lots of apple treats. Every time we passed by this apple treat stand, the workers offered us samples of apple pie and apple cheesecake. Yum. This was Hubby’s favorite treat at the stand so he bought a box to share with his co-workers.

Tokyo Lemonche. Again with the packaging and branding. This five-piece treat box was so good. This is definitely on my top list. It was a cake-like macaron cookie sandwich with creamy lemon filling and lemon rind (which was sweet). So good I didn’t want to share.

And then there were Kit Kats. We bought three flavors: apple, purple yam, and sake. Nope. Nope. Nope. The apple had a plastic apple taste, the purple yam was a white chocolate and was incredibly sweet, and the sake tasted like cough syrup. I spit it out. Try at your own risk.

Cantaloupe giant Pocky. I’m always up for trying to new Pocky flavors and I had never seen cantaloupe before. This had the same classic Pocky cookie crunch and flavor, and the cantaloupe flavor was bright and reminded me of melon drink.

There were so many more treats to be had, but only so much tummy and luggage capacity! I guess we’ll have to try them all on our next trip to Japan. What are some of your favorite Japanese treats? Share below!

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