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OOoOo somebody snagged a bunch of extra plant goodies from the Plant Potions class! Thank you to Tracy for letting me take home some unused plants from the tablescape! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making smudge sticks so this was the perfect opportunity.

I brought home (from left to right) sagebrush / desert sage, lavender, purple sage, and rosemary.

Another friend just so happened to gift me an abalone shell, perfect for smudge stick holding because in smudge stick practice it connects you to the sea. Additional materials for smudge stick making: cotton cord, scissors, and garden shears

To create: Trim plants to desired height. Create bundles. I had enough plant life to create three small bundles.

Cut cord to about 6x the length of your bundles (can be more or less depending on how many times you wrap each bundle and how thick your cord is). I doubled up the cord when I wrapped since it was relatively thin.

Tie a knot at the bottom, leaving enough of a tail to tie again later. Wrap up then wrap down so the cord crosses itself on the way down, and secure the plants as you wrap. Tie a knot at the bottom and trim cord as needed. Protip: Leave a loop at the starting point so you can hang your smudge stick to dry.

My smudge sticks turned out on the thin side, but I like them. Next time I’d love to add more herbs! These will dry for about two weeks before burning. They smell so good! Have you ever made smudge sticks? What plants do you like to include? Share below.

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