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plant potions.

I’ve taught classes at Rare Bird but can you believe I’ve never taken a class here until recently? What? I know! I signed up for Plant Potions with Tracy Chocholousek, co-owner of Rare Bird and founder of White Sage Wellness. It was so fun to join class here as a student. And Hubby joined me, too!

The space was set up with a beautiful plantscape. It looked like we were going to sit down for a multi-course meal with wine pairings. Yum.

Tracy started class with a brief lesson in scents and we participated in an herbal ally meditation. I enjoyed this – we had to experience a plant, it’s scent, how the scent made us feel, and what it tasted like. I chose rose geranium – the leaves had a subtle sweet smell and made me feel calm.

After the exercise, we got to smelling! We smelled all the essentials oils available for mixing, working our way through scent groups and taking notes on if we liked the scents or not.

Tracy had a worksheet for us to help guide our blending. What do we want to use it for? What scents are we drawn to?

I realized I like more food-like smells like vanilla, mint, or coffee (which wasn’t actually an essential oil option, but was the nose palette cleanser, ha!). I ended up making something that smelled like you just baked something sweet. So I named it Pie. Hubby made more of a fresh citrus minty blend; he named his Grounding Spear. (Much more sophisticated.)

Thank you Tracy for such a great class! My home will smell like freshly baked pies for the next few months. What are your favorite scents? Share below!


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  2. Wow, Erin, thank you for this amazing post and encapsulation of my class. What an honor to see my class through your eyes and experience 🙏🏽 I’d love to share this in some way with my audience. Maybe I need to hire you for help with promotion!! Any interest?

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