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felt flower projects.

Felt flower projects lately!

Floral bouquets. I’ve been trying to make more time for felt flower experimenting. To kick that off, I made a few larger blooms for Mother’s Day this year, with longer stems, and wrapped them up bouquet style. I’d like to make more flowers inspired by real flowers, but still keep the style playful. On my immediate to-make list: Icelandic poppies and dahlias! Stay tuned.

Felt flower goddess crowns workshop. My crown making was first inspired by the famous Snapchat filter flower crown. I thought it should be a real thing! In this iteration of my workshop I taught basic flower techniques so people could design their own flowers (not necessarily the Snapchat filter flowers) for their own custom flower crown. No one actually made a crown though because they all wanted to keep making flowers (understandable; it’s addicting!) so our group photo is of everyone holding their flower creations instead of wearing them. 🙂

Flowers repurposed. I had made lots of flower bouquets for my Mischief window display. I repurposed some of the flowers and converted them into mega crowns. They are super mega. I might repurpose the rest of the flowers into a garland of sorts.

All I wanna do is make flowers! What are some of your favorite blooms? Maybe I’ll make that next, too!

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