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For our third wedding anniversary we made sure we kept our weekend free to celebrate, but then we were so busy with Craftcation (me), tennisings (Hubby), and Japan travels (more on this soon!) that we didn’t actually plan anything until the last minute. Whoops! But lucky for us, we live in the Bay Area where everyday can feel like a vacation and we thought up some last minute plans.

On Saturday, our anniversary eve, we picnicked at our wedding park (Live Oak). I prepped some snacks: roasted cauliflower and potatoes, dill cream cheese to go with the cutest heart-shaped lavash crackers, a cucumber dill yogurt salad (we had a lot of dill…), and leftover dumplings from breakfast. Plus beverages.

It was beautiful out and there were many people enjoying the warm weather. We admired the trees, Hubby rested in the sunshine, and I painted a little. Afterwards, we went to a favorite Japanese market (Tokyo Fish Market) because it’s fun there and I love markets.

On Sunday, our anniversary day, we hung out at one of our favorite cafes (East Bay Coffee Company) for breakfast, games, and watercoloring. We painted images from our Japan trip photo collection.

We swung by our favorite Japanese take out spot (Kyoto) for an afternoon snack and shopped for an anniversary plant at one of our favorite nurseries (Flowerland). We took home a Pilea peperomioides plant and named it Pepperoni.

Then we had dinner at a new-to-us Korean restaurant (Berkeley Social Club) which happens to be owned by the same guy who owns one of our favorite Korean restaurants (Surisan). Add this spot to the list!

Japchae over rice, gooey (cheese) corn topped with crushed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and served with shrimp puffs, KFC, and tofu salad. Plus, an Incheon Mule. I took many photos…

Cheers to favorites and cheers to another year of exploring together!

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